A New Chapter for John Mayer

Photo by Sam Carbine

If you were to write a book about your life what would it say? Would you drowned in your past? Would you glorify your feats? John Mayer chose to face the demons and embrace the many journeys that his life has taken in a story like fashion last night in Nashville. The set read like a book. The beginning was high school flashbacks. Followed by the inter blues god that brought the John Mayer Trio back on stage to fill the soul of the well know music critics in every seat at a Nashville show. You can say what you will about him but a transcended musician at the highest rank of this generation is an understatement.

What once was a self-proclaimed, self-centered, egotistical manic, has now turned to an extremely humble artist grounded by the understanding that it is a privilege to share his soul with fans every night. The first step in solving a problem is admitting you have one.an at one point in his career it seamed as if he would slip off a cliff and lose touch with reality. However, there is true valor in having the strength to notice your flaws and work to fix them. You couldhear this in his voice when he covered Glen Campbell on the day of his passing. As the sets changed, monologues of the explanation of the next chapter played on the screens filling the arena.

You didn’t know what song you were going to heat but you knew where you needed to be in your head. As the night came to an end, alone on the stage sat Mayer. White screen, white floor, white piano. A simple but beautiful ballad as to signal the next chapter of his life and career. It is truly hard to impress an entire crowd in Nashville. There is no question he left everyonemesmerized as he turned an walked out of a door in the center of the back screen to close the night.