A Will Away in Nashville

Photo by Sam Carbine

Sometimes it's hard to put a finger on exactly what is great about a band. You know you love it. An instant connection that like-minded people have when they meet for the first time. Something about A Will Away converges an amazing combination of your inner teen and your grown up thoughts on reality. As a band they know their direction. Not conforming to trends they prefer set list on the fly. Playing what feels right. Releasing the energy into the crowd night to night with the vibes that feel right.

Refreshing, melodic blends of energy and insight that take you away from the world. And that's the point. Originally hailing from Connecticut, they possesses a sense of oneness and understanding of the world so many miss. Their music conveys this. A step outside and above the trap so easily pulled into today by social media, mass media, and the pressure of keeping up. The music that doesn't hit auto tune to make it amazing.

From the beginning this band was meant to be together. All hailing from the same town, there is a special connection of souls that forms with this blend of understanding and respect for each other's musical ideas and opinions.You can feel this when they hit the stage and even more so as the set progresses. Their passion and energy flows out of every note.

You can find more info on their current tour below, and we highly recommend you give them a listen here.