Photo by Sam Carbine

We were first introduced to LANY at Bonnaroo in 2015. With no expectations going in, we walked out knowing this wasn't the last time we would see this band. Flash forward 2 years and 6.3 million monthly listeners on Spotify and you have a group with a cult following that doesn't conform to any of the rules.

Formed in Nashville and now based in LA, LANY is a mesmerizing mix of simplistic yet melodic bliss, and in a sense, the equivalent to a modern day Marvin Gay. Just put on the striped version ILYSB and see what happens.

The tones resonate and the lyrics hit your ears and stay there long after the songs are over.

We have yet to see a LANY set that the crowed doesn't belt out every word to every song, and in the words of a fine lady standing next to us at Forecastle, "He's just so damn beautiful."
While by no means a reason they are selling out shows, it def doesn't hurt.

We look forward to watching this band as they grow, and unequivocally, they are here to stay.

You can check out LANY on Spotify here and you can learn more about their tour on their website here.