*RepeatRepeat Makes a Splash

Photo by Sam Carbine

What comes to mind when you hear the words repeat repeat? For us, now, it means one thing. Nashville based *RepeatRepeat makes music you want to repeat repeat. While a common theme of Nashville, a group finds their vibe once meeting in Music City.  This group is far from the norm and that's how they like it. Forget the fact they are insanely talented musicians. You find that everywhere in Nashville. Forget the fact that that they are a product of the unprecedented East Nashville scene. It doesn't matter.What you need to know is this is the band and these are the people that you not only want to listen to, they are the best friend you didn’t know you had. In the words of Penny Lane in Almost Famous, “... if you ever get lonely, you can just go to the record store and visit your friends.” This is that band.

Flaws in the music don’t exist. Maybe due to the amazing combination of husband and wife Kristyn and Jared Corder giving their loving bicker back and forth on the concept they feel *Repeat Repeat convey.

"He has zero ego when he brings something here,' said Kristyn of her husband when he brings a song for approval. "He will take that and steer it in a more us direction." 

This speaks magnitudes of this band.  A lack of self centeredness and a true care for the people around them that so much of music is missing today. The confidence and trust they have in one another is truly deep.

For one, their cuteness is enough to make you so sick that you don't have a relationship to equal. But, when you dig deeper, however, you find this is a very dynamic duo that understand each other more than just the music. Add in rocker Andy Herrin  on the drums and you have a ridiculous mix of beats and tones that you would be insane to unplug.

And why unplug when you can 'Plugged In' to their new single that I can assure needs to hit your ears. The new album Floral Canyon now out so pick up a copy and check them out on Spotify here. Look for amazing vibes from this group in the future.