Moon Hooch packs out High Watt

Article by Lucas Sullivan

Photo Sam Carbine


The night started with Lavender Fields, featuring James from Moon Hooch on percussion. The set was a good start for the night with ambient, atmospheric electronic music that helped put everyone in the right mindset for Moon Hooch. Next up, Jackson Whalan. HIs mix of serious poetic flow and several comedic tunes, like S.N.A.G. (Sensitive New Age Guy), got the crowd hyped up and ready for the final act.


The act everyone came to see definitely was abundantly apparent when Moon Hooch stepped onto the stage. From start to finish, it was a one of a kind experience. The name says it all. It was like taking a sip of a cosmic beverage that I never knew existed and was transported into some alternate reality where saxophone heavy dance music is all that matters. The three-member group has a magical sound that I can only explain as a rock 'n’ roll version of Charlie Parker on speed. Moon Hooch came on stage and immediately began to fill the venue with their robust sound that was hardly contained within the four walls of The High Watt.


Mike has a very aggressive approach when he plays and really sets the tone for the raw energy this trio exudes. Wenzl has a more gentle almost sexual style that seriously satisfies, as he casually moves from instrument to instrument. Last but not least, James has this nonchalant, yet assertive style at times, but really can turn on his animalistic side for the fast tunes. Moon Hooch definitely exceeded any expectations I had for their set. It is explicitly apparent these guys are serious musicians and they bring their one of a kind sound to life with each breath they take. It has such passion and energy that has been magnified from their years of busking on the streets and in the subways of New York City.


Overall, all who attended left the show feeling overtly satisfied as the last note echoed down Cannery Row and into the Nashville sky.